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About FarmBox Foods


We are passionate about providing a solution to the global food crisis and empowering local communities.

Our Mission

At FarmBox Foods, we strive to change the way the world farms by connecting communities to sustainably sourced, locally grown food, year-round. With a focus on producing environmentally conscious and future-oriented food systems, we seek to end food inequality with our innovative and eco-friendly farms.

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Born and Built in Colorado

FarmBox Foods strives to bring food security, safety, and sustainability to communities in need around the world. We believe that decentralizing food sources will help to empower consumers and producers alike and create a more equitable food supply.

Thinking long term

Our 'Why'

As resources dwindle and populations grow, the need for eco-friendly, sustainable farming solutions is at an all-time high. At FarmBox Foods, we are crafting alternatives to centralized food systems with our high-yield, low-carbon-footprint container farms. Our cutting-edge farm designs promote easy operation and maintenance while reducing the risk of food-borne illnesses. Not only can our farms be equipped with solar technology to allow the farm to operate off-grid, but our innovative hydroponic watering systems use 99% less water than traditional farms and do not contribute to groundwater pollution. FarmBox Foods provides a solution for food safety, security, and sustainability. With our unique blend of ingenuity and technical expertise, we’re innovating to feed the world.


Meet the FarmBox Team