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Farms for the
21st Century

We are a container farm company that offers automated farms for gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, leafy greens, culinary herbs, hemp, and cannabis.


Our Purpose

We are a container farming company that wants to change the way the world thinks about farming by connecting communities to sustainably sourced, locally grown food, year-round.

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Vertical Hydroponic Farm


Gourmet Mushroom Farm

Grow Technology

Manage and Automate Everything

Grow Technology

Manage and Automate Everything


The Future of Farming Has Arrived

Our farms support year-round growing in any climate, from the densest of cities to the most remote desert. Our designs promote efficient water and energy usage, high yields, and easy maintenance.

Why Farmbox Foods?

Scalable, Healthy Food for All

Leafy Greens
Per Weekly Harvest
Square Feet of Hydroponic
Growing Space
Pounds of Mushrooms
Per Weekly Harvest
0 +
Varieties of Mushrooms Grown Simultaneously

Farm anywhere

Farming Solutions For Any Climate

Experience the best of traditional and modern-day farming: fresh, locally-grown produce managed through automatic systems and the latest in agricultural technology. Sustainable, resource-efficient, and eco-friendly, our container farming solutions are designed for any climate. 

Your search for container farming companies ends at FarmBox Foods.

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Grow locally and sustainably — you can start today. Get in touch with Colorado’s premier container farming company.