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More Than A Container.

Decentralize and Empower

FarmBox Foods builds vertical hydroponic farms in shipping containers that can be deployed and utilized worldwide. These controlled environment farms empower communities around the globe to grow their own healthy food.

What makes us special

The Future of Farming.

Our farms support year-round growing in any climate, from the densest of cities to the most remote desert. Our design promotes more efficient water usage, plant growth, and cleaning when compared to soil-based and greenhouse farms.

A Smart Investment

Tax Benefits

We understand that investing in the future of farming is a significant expense. Fortunately, our farms qualify as a tax write off under Tax Code 179.

Inside Look

Plant Force One

Our Farms Are the Best

FarmBox Foods containers produce more plants and are significantly easier to use than competitor farms. Maintenance and cleaning are less time consuming, and we are fully compliant with ADA, IBC, and NEC requirements. When it comes to efficiency and yields, we are second to none.

What FarmBox Foods Offers

Meet Your Digital Farmer.

Farming Reimagined

Our Digital Platform

Climate conditions, nutrient and pH levels, and lighting can all be remotely monitored and controlled, with real-time tracking insights, through our integrated digital systems – ensuring your peace of mind.

FarmBox Foods “Shark Tank” Submission

FarmBox Foods was recently contacted by Shark Tank! We had only 24 hours to produce, shoot, edit and submit a fun, but intriguing video about who we are and what we’re doing.


We dropped everything and this is what FarmBox Foods truly is at its core!

How It Works

Set Up

We send a deploy team to get your farm delivered and installed. Then, we make sure that you’re successfully set up and running. You’ll receive written and digital instructional materials to help you through the learning process - these materials are included in the overall price of the farm, and you won’t have to pay extra for training.

Monitor and Grow

Once your farm is up and running, our technology allows you to keep an eye on things even when you’re not in the farm.


Your leafy greens are ready to harvest after six weeks. Our design allows for quick harvesting, as well as efficient cleaning and maintenance.


Other container farms use media towers that require you to constantly walk back and forth between the seedling table and grow towers when transplanting and harvesting. These media towers require a significant amount of maintenance and cleaning. Our patented grow towers stay in place and allow for more efficient farming.

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