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More Than A Container.

Container Farming. Differently.

FarmBox Foods provides total indoor vertical farming solutions that can be created and utilized anywhere around the world – in any climate. As total farming ecosystems, right inside a shipping container, we’re introducing a sustainable farming option that can revolutionize societies.

What makes us special

The Future of Farming.

Our systems come with digital tracking, water purification, LED full-spectrum lighting, and all necessary farming resources.


Tax Benefits

We understand taking advantage of the future of farming is an investment. Thankfully, your investment is a tax write off for your business under Tax Code 179.

Inside Look

Plant Force One

Acres of Output In Only 40 Feet.

What FarmBox Foods Offers

Waste To Food

Up-Cycled Shipping Containers

Why reinvent the wheel? There are over 43 million shipping containers floating around our planet, of which, nearly 17 million are not even being used! Instead of using or creating even more resources to complete our systems, we rely on those unused shipping containers to reduce worldwide waste.

Meet Your Digital Farmer.

Grow More

Full Spectrum Lighting

Our renewable full spectrum LED lighting provides a reliable source of light  – unlike the sun when weather consumes our atmosphere. With better light comes healthier, more efficiently grown crops.

Digital Farming

Digital Systems

Through a technological connection, farmers can monitor crops 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with real-time tracking insights, through our integrated digital systems. Think about it like having your container farm right in your pocket.

FarmBox Foods was recently featured on 9NEWS Denver! Consciously changing the way the world grows food.

FarmBox Foods “Shark Tank” Submission

FarmBox Foods was recently contacted by Shark Tank! We had only 24 hours to produce, shoot, edit and submit a fun, but intriguing video about who we are and what we’re doing.


We dropped everything and this is what FarmBox Foods truly is at its core!

More Than A Container.

Plant Your Seeds

Easy step up your FarmBox container and gather your seeds to begin your container farm.

Push A Button

Our FarmBox Foods technology has everything you need to watch and monitor your seedling development.

Watch It Grow

Easily monitor and tune your farms nutrient levels and PH balances. Our FarmBox digital solutions make it easy to keep your greens thriving.

Harvest Your Foods

When ready, harvest your greens, easily wash and prepare for sale or your families consumption.Your container has the power of a commercial farm.

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