We believe in demonstrating our values during the course of everyday business and feel it’s important to share with existing and prospective customers what we stand for.

We put a lot of intention into our company values so that they can help outside organizations and individuals to identify the reasons why FarmBox Foods exists, and see if there’s alignment in shared missions, goals and core beliefs.

We intentionally operate with faith, selflessness, and service to others. We find meaning in making a difference in the world. Our foundation is built on our belief in “values over profit.”
The way we connect with people guides everything we do. Our values stem from our conscious commitment to help feed the world.
We believe that trust, accountability, and initiative are pillars of a successful team. We make time for people and cultivate an environment where we’re all leaders and learners.
We are committed to customer focus through hard work and discipline. We’re passionate about helping others transform their communities through continuous innovation that creates a foundation for food security.
We strive to understand the diverse needs & strengths of the communities we serve by learning, listening, practicing empathy, showing humility, and expressing gratitude.
Our partners trust us to do the right thing every time. We show up in our relationships with integrity, vulnerability, and honesty.