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Vertical Hydroponic Farm

The Future of Farming

Our vertical hydroponic farm solutions maximize growing space while minimizing energy and water usage. Combining patented vertical farming technology our ultra-efficient farms transport easily, can be stacked, and are solar capable. Join us in decentralizing agriculture and reducing carbon emissions while helping to feed the world.


Nutrient-Dense Plants

Our patented vertical hydroponic system grows highly nutritious leafy greens, culinary herbs, peppers, tree saplings and more with less labor and maintenance than traditional, horizontal hydroponics. Cut logistics costs and shorten the farm-to-table journey with portable and transportable hydroponic vertical farms from FarmBox Foods.

Ultra-Fresh Produce

According to a study from the University of California - Davis, most vegetables lose up to 55% of their nutrients within a week of harvest. The VHF enables you to harvest your plants just before they’re sold, ensuring maximum freshness and nutrient density.

Pesticide-Free Plants

The VHF provides a fully controlled, enclosed growing environment protected from pests and pathogens. This reduces and can eliminate entirely the need for pesticides, allowing you to deliver clean, untainted produce.

Stay in Control Year-Round

With the VHF, you’re in control of the entire growing cycle. Eliminate variables like extreme weather events and short growing seasons — our shipping container farms keep conditions uniform every day of the year. 

Full Spectrum LED Lighting

Our high output LEDs mimic the sun and give your plants the full spectrum of light. Other systems only provide red and blue light, and the difference in yields is significant. The VHF lights help you grow larger, heavier plants with higher nutrient densities.

Climate Control

The VHF allows you to dial in your temperatures, humidity requirements, and lighting schedules. Depending on your location and time of year, tap into the outside air to use less heating and air conditioning.

vertical hydroponic farm - vertical hydroponics
vertical hydroponic farm - seed to harvest

From Seed to Harvest

The VHF Seedling Table can accommodate more than 3,800 seedlings simultaneously. Precision nutrients and lighting ensure that your seeds will germinate successfully and grow into strong, healthy plants ready for transplanting into the grow walls. 


In addition to germinating leafy greens, culinary herbs, and other vegetables to grow to maturity, the VHF Seedling Table can be used to grow weekly crops of micro greens and quarterly yields of tree saplings to add to your income.

Work Space and Mission Control

The tabletop of the Seedling Table gives you plenty of space for seeding, harvest activities, packaging, and admin work. Use the full-size computer (included with purchase) to manage all aspects of your farm, including crop data, sales, and inventory. The farm's actual footprint is 320 square-feet, but the grow walls and Seedling Table provide more than 900 cubic-feet of vertical growing space.

Farming Solutions For Any Climate

From arctic cold to extreme heat, we have put our container technology to the test. Our containers can be customized with solar panels and other solutions to optimize them for your climate and specific needs.

farmbox foods - drought
Weather Sealed & Temperature Tested

Designed in Colorado, we have put our containers to the test, ensuring the farm's ability to withstand extreme temperatures and variable conditions. Take your farm anywhere without thinking about the weather.

Solar Panel Upgrades

All FarmBox Foods containers are customizable to fit your farming specs and location. Designed with industry-leading solar panel technology (optional), your farm can be powered in some of the most remote environments on earth.

A Look Inside

See the VHF in action.

Your Digital Farmer

Industry-leading Agrowtek technology monitors and controls all aspects of the growing process. Nutrients, water pH, fans, lights, humidity, watering schedules — everything can be controlled and automated. Combined with modular customization and stacking options, our vertical container farms makes managing an entire farm easy.

Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on things remotely from your smartphone or computer — no subscription or app needed.

In-Depth Control

Agrowtek produces data that can be used to improve yields and comply with food safety requirements. Alerts let you know if a problem arises, allowing you to react quickly.

vertical hydroponic farm - vertical hydroponics

Grow Nearly 8,000 Plants at Once

The VHF is designed to maximize every inch of growing space while providing weekly harvests year-round whether you’re growing leafy greens and herbs. Since the entire farm is self contained, the VHF is the perfect solution for hydroponic farming in urban areas.

Movable Grow Walls

Create space where you need it — moving Grow Walls create wide hallways allowing you to inspect your plants, transplant, and harvest without feeling cramped.

Space Efficiency

Our patented Grow Tubes achieve higher weekly harvest numbers than our competitors. Over the course of a year, the higher yields and heavier plants you get with the VHF will really add up.

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