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The Tech

Grow Technology & Software

Powered by the best

Agrowtek’s remote access features make farming easy by allowing you to adjust everything in your farm from your phone or computer.

grow software technology

Grow Software Technology

Let Agrowtek’s smart sensors take the guesswork out of farming. Air temperature, humidity, nutrient levels, and water pH are all automatically adjusted so your farm maintains ideal growing conditions at all times.

Farm From Home

View real-time readings or quickly make changes to climate settings, nutrient levels, or light schedules, all while on the go. Monitoring functions allow you to look back on past climate conditions, helping you to ensure your farm is running optimally.

Automated Farm Controls

Agrowtek’s adjustable timers and schedules allow you to walk away from the farm knowing that your crops will get everything they need.

grow software technology - farm from home

As Powerful As You Need It To Be

Simple on the surface, powerful deep down. Agrowtek Grow Software Technology keeps things simple
but gives you the ability to dive into the specifics when needed.

Software Training? You Got It!

FarmBox Foods offers on-site Agrowtek training so you can hit the ground running when your farm is delivered.