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Vertical Hydroponic Farm

The Future of Farming

Our high-tech farms are easily transported, can be stacked. and can run on solar power. We’re helping to decentralize agriculture and increase energy and water efficiency.

Nutrient Dense Hydroponics

Our vertical hydroponic system allows you to grow highly nutritious leafy greens with less labor and maintenance than traditional, horizontal hydroponics.

Fresher Produce

According to a study from the University of California, many vegetables lose up to 55% of vitamin C within a week of harvest. Our farms enable you to harvest your produce just before it's sold and ensure maximum freshness.

No Harmful Chemicals

Since you're growing in a controlled, enclosed environment, our farms eliminate the need for pesticides.

Stay in Control All Year Long

With the VHF, you’re in control for the entire growing cycle. Say goodbye to extreme weather events and growing seasons — our farms keep everything uniform year-round.

Full Spectrum LED Lighting

Our high output LED lighting mimics the sun and gives your plants the full spectrum of visible light. Other systems only provide red and blue light, and the difference in yield is stark. Our system helps you get bigger plants with higher nutrient densities.

Climate Controls

Our design allows you to dial in your temperatures, humidity requirements, and lighting schedules. Depending on your location, you can also tap into the outside air to use less heating or air conditioning.

From Seedling to Harvest

Our Seedling Table design allows you to grow up to 6,912 seedlings at once. These seedlings receive the nutrients and lighting they need to germinate successfully and prepare for transplanting.


In addition to leafy greens from seed, the Seedling Table can be used to grow a weekly crop of microgreens, allowing you to add to your weekly income.

Work Space and Mission Control

The table top of the Seedling Table gives you plenty of space for seeding, harvest activities, and packaging. You'll never feel short of space in the VHF.

A Look Inside

A virtual tour and walk-through of our Vertical Hydroponic Farm.

Your Digital Farmer

Our system is outfitted with industry-leading Agrowtek technology which allows you to customize every part of the growing process. Fans, lights, humidity, watering schedules — everything can be controlled and automated.

Remote Monitoring

Once your farm is up and running, Agrowtek lets you keep an eye on things from your smartphone or remote computer, all without charging you extra fees.

Depth Control

Climate conditions, nutrient and pH levels, and lighting can all be remotely monitored and controlled, with real-time tracking insights, through our integrated digital systems – ensuring your peace of mind.

Grow Over 11,000 Plants at Once.

The VHF is designed to maximize every inch of growing space while providing weekly harvests year-round. Whether you’re growing lettuce, basil, or other leafy greens and herbs, there is ample space to accommodate your growing schedule.

5 Movable Grow Walls

The design of the VHF allows you to create space where you need it. Different Grow Walls can be moved to create wide hallways allowing you to inspect your plants, transplant, and harvest without feeling cramped.

Space Efficiency

Our Grow Tube design allows the VHF to achieve higher weekly harvest numbers than our competitors. Over the course of a year, the higher yields and heavier plants you'll get with the VHF will really add up.

Find Your Farm

Speak to a FarmBox Foods team member about personalizing your farm, business plans, and financing options. We are here to help.