Our Mission

We want to empower communities to produce their own locally grown produce year-round. We strive to change the way people farm by merging technology and agriculture into a system that greatly reduces water usage and transportation costs while maximizing space.

Our Vision

We see a future where communities have achieved food independence by producing their own healthy food and distributing it locally – no longer relying on centralized food systems.

Digital Farming Entrepreneurs

Our Story

Our planet is in trouble, and we need to find new, innovative approaches to food production.


In 2017, an unlikely group of friends—a real estate agent, a solar energy entrepreneur, and a fabricator, decided to take action. From the drive to decentralize food supply chains and assist communities to produce more locally grown, healthy food, FarmBox Foods was born.


Our founders knew they had to search for agricultural innovations. At the heart of this new approach lies the shipping container. Our goal was to develop the most efficient, high-yielding container farm on the market. Early in our research and development, we saw the appeal of vertical farming—this design principle would allow us to maximize limited space. Bringing all these ideas together, FarmBox Foods created a hydroponic farm with an elegant and user-friendly design.


With our hydroponic farm on the market, FarmBox Foods is now looking for new ways to bring more healthy food options to communities. Enter mushrooms. With their myriad health benefits and culinary versatility, mushrooms are the perfect crop for sustainable food systems. Our first-of-its-kind gourmet and medicinal mushroom farm will debut in 2020 and boost access to this superfood.


FarmBox Foods is changing the way we think about growing food, one shipping container at a time.