Non-Profit Organizations & FarmBox Foods

Non-Profit Organizations and FarmBox FoodsFarming may not seem like an obvious choice for a non-profit organization, but there are huge potential benefits for your organization and the communities you serve when you team up with FarmBox Foods.


Community Engagement

If placed on a school campus, students can enjoy hands-on lessons in agriculture. Children who help to grow fruits, vegetables and mushrooms are not only more likely to eat healthier foods, but they learn about the benefits of a healthy diet. Multiple studies have proven that hands-on learning not only increases test scores but also improves attentiveness in children. There is also the added benefit that the food grown can be sold in the school cafeteria with the proceeds funding extracurricular activities and school clubs.


You will also have the opportunity to hire local residents to work on the farm providing employment and increasing community involvement with your non-profit organization. Additionally, surplus yields can be sold at a local farmer’s market, providing fresh produce to the community and boosting the local economy.

Tax Exemption

Our farms qualify for tax exemptions under Tax Code 179, one of the few government incentives for small and large businesses alike. This tax code allows businesses to deduct the full price of qualifying equipment from their organization’s gross income in the first year of operation.


Don’t know where to begin? FarmBox foods has a highly skilled setup crew that will take care of installing the farm and training your team. We offer training guides, online learning options, and quick guides to help you along the way. Our team is ready to assist you with all aspects of running your new farm, so reach out to us today to get started!