FarmBox Foods talks container farming at Indoor Ag Con

A debate that distinguished FarmBox Foods as a leader in controlled-environment agriculture drew hundreds of attendees at Indoor Ag Con in Las Vegas on Feb. 28.

Organizers for the annual indoor growing convention invited FarmBox Foods Executive Vice President Joseph Cammack to debate the pros and cons of container farming and greenhouse-based vertical farming with a representative from AeroFarms. The debate was moderated by Freight Farms’ former CEO and co-founder Brad McNamara.

While FarmBox Foods, a Colorado-based manufacturer of containerized farms, has made its name with a tech-driven Vertical Hydroponic Farm, it’s increasingly gaining attention for its start-to-finish Gourmet Mushroom Farm.

The 320-square-foot portable farms bring food production close to the consumer and incorporate sustainable growing practices into the cultivation processes. Software and specialized sensor technology enable users to program the ideal conditions for growing nutrient-dense produce.

The Gourmet Mushroom Farm is attracting considerable attention because few companies are using upcycled shipping containers to grow fungi, including lion’s mane, reishi, oysters and king trumpets. The farms are used to support grocery stores, restaurants, wholesale suppliers, community-supported agriculture programs and more.

“I’m glad people see the value in adding mushrooms to their list of offerings,” Cammack said. “Mushroom cultivation is a growing business that generates significant revenue for operations of all sizes.”