Think inside the box.

Farm Box Foods provides a complete grow system to be placed anywhere in the world. With future models compatible with solar technology, Plant Force One can we placed anywhere. Plant Force One is capable of growing a variety of lettuces, herbs, and greens at a large scale production anywhere. Our container allows companies, communities, government agencies to grow and produce fresh organic greens.

Anywhere. Means Anywhere.

We are half farmers and half scientists.

It comes down to what’s inside, the “Plant Force One” is built inside of a recycled 40-foot container. Helping the environment and help you change the way your farm.

Any Size. Any Location.

From warehouse to full-scale farm.

As the earth’s fertile soil becomes more scare every day, the importance of fresh foods and proper nutrition becomes paramount. Farmbox Foods unique ecosystem allows scalability in any environment. A city warehouse can easily be turned into a mass producing commercial farm quickly and easily.

Ready For Your Farm?

Plant Force One Features

Seedling Area

Vertical Farming Columns

Automated Farming

Full Spectrum Lighting

Water Filtration & Irrigation

100% Controlled Ecosystem

Photo Gallery

Ready For Your FarmBox?